Apr 042009

With the overwhelming success of USB technology as the preferred
interface, comes the challenge of organizing all of the cabling from
desktop peripherals. Users with multiple USB peripherals find the
clutter of cables unsightly and inconvenient to their workspace. With
many different USB connections for mobile devices, such as cellphones,
cameras, MP3 players and PDAs, it becomes increasingly difficult to use
them on the go.

To overcome these challenges a new method for connecting peripherals
has come to fruition. A method, which offers the same benefits of a
physical USB connection without the need for unsightly cables, a
technology known as certified wireless USB. Using an ultra-wideband
radio frequency ranging from 3.1 – 10.6 GHz, 127 devices can connect to
a single computer up to 10 meters away without a hub. Connections made
less than 3 meters away from the host can benefit from speeds typically
USB 2.0, while connections from 3 to 10 meters will operate at 110
Mbps. Devices that support dual role or direct connections with each
other can also operate with wireless USB technology.
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