Apr 022009

Tiered pricing for internet access based on your bandwidth
usage is right around the corner for many, already in place for some, and
bringing big changes for everyone. Time Warner is the largest ISP I have heard
of going this route so far but more will follow soon.

If you are currently or have been planning on streaming
video from online sources such as Netflix or Hulu.com, you better think again. The
pricing I have seen from Time Warner has 40Gb of downloads costing $40 – $50
per month. That sounds like a lot of bandwidth but if you stream video you are going to
blast past your limit in the first week of
the month.

I always said streaming video wasn’t going to take off for
years to come and this is one good reason why. The kind of bandwidth required
means your ISP is going to need to make some dramatic changes. As pricing goes
up, streaming is quickly going to return to the back of the bus.

If you are using the DirecTV On Demand service, as I am, you
will have a problem under this new pricing. I for one will be unhappy, but that
is pretty much my normal state. I am not using Tine Warner but AT&T will
likely follow suit if Time Warner is successful in putting this new pricing in

If you are currently experiencing a change to pay per byte
internet access speak loud and clear when you dump your ISP. Time Warner is in
the awkward position of losing cable customers and watching its bandwidth use
climb but is that really my problem? I dumped Time Warner years ago because of
terrible customer service, outrageous prices and the final nail, they could
never get me a reliable internet connection. Make a stand for progress and fair
business practices and find another ISP.

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