Jul 062015

Ted Drozdowski is no Johnny come lately; He has played with some of the blues greats, like R. L. Burnside, whom he makes the subject, albeit a ghostly one, of one of the songs on his newest album, Love & Life. An experiment that uses equal parts psychedelic, blues and hard rock guitar to create a strangely satisfying album. Each song on Love & Life transports you to a new landscape, but always within the small world Ted Drozdowski has created here.

FolderTed and his Scissormen have built an album with recording layers deep enough to dive into safely but it never distracts, only adds to the overall vision of the album. A feat many artists have failed miserably at. Ted expertly weaves 11 individual yarns within his universe. The album opener, ‘Beggin’ Jesus’ is an old school story of good and evil, laid out in a solid blues train riff that rolls right through the crossroads.

The previously mentioned, ‘R. L. Burnside’ casts a haunting spell over the listener as Ted discusses the specter of his dreams. In addition to the Scissormen, Ted brought in the magic voice of Mighty Sam McCain on the track ‘Let’s go to Memphis. Sam passed away in June and this song is one of, if not the last recorded work he did. Mighty Sam McCain left his mark across a wide swath of American music and is dearly missed.

Love & Life takes the listener on a journey worth taking. Ted holds his musical vision together for one of the best blues albums to come out this year. Take the time to sit back and listen to the tales of a master storyteller at the height of his talent. You will not be disappointed.

Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen’s album Love & Life will be available on the Dolly Sez Woof label on July 15th. The release date coincides with Ted’s debut e-book which can be purchased at the same time.

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