Plantronics Backbeat Pro Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds Deliver Freedom

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Feb 062013

Even for someone like me there are times I have to set aside my over-ear headphones and go to earbuds or in ear monitors. If I have to be connected to my media via a cable then why not just use full size cans. Well, ok, so there are times when earbuds are more acceptable, like the beach, working out, or a non-disco themed funeral.

backbeatI don’t listen to buds often so I don’t want to pay a lot and am willing to give up some of the sound quality I get from full sized headphones. If I am not going full size how about going cable free? I am asking a lot and aside from some very odd options from Motorola, which I passed down last year, I could only find one pair of actual cordless earbuds. The Plantronics Backbeat Go is a Bluetooth headset. Now it does have a cable that connects the two earpieces but can you imagine how quickly you would lose one or both earpieces without it?

Charging and control of the headset, microphone, and other phone controls are on a small set of buttons near the right ear piece. This includes volume, mute, pick up, on-off, and more. Pairing to my Galaxy Epic was the fastest I have ever paired anything to, well, anything else.

I really don’t care about the phone capabilities but I found no fault with them at all. The earbuds fit well and stay in place thanks to a little wing on each ear piece. This holds it in your ear. I have read complaints about getting the ear pieces to stay in but I found the originally attached pieces to fit my ear and hold very well.

The sound quality is better than I expected, thanks in part to the fact that they fit me well. The sound is fairly neutral and never gets irritating; it just never really gets you jazzed. For $69 at Amazon these are a great deal and you will not regret your purchase, well I suppose if you have some mutant head or ears you could have a problem. As for me, I am strolling down the street, unencumbered by a cable and the weight of a mobile DAC and amp.

If you are looking for a way to leave the cable behind or the situation dictates you leave your good rig at home, you will be happy with the Plantronics Backbeat Go. Pick up a pair now and experience the freedom of going cordless!

Have you ever tried a stereo Bluetooth headset?