How to Deactivate Your Laptops Closed Lid Sensor

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May 012014

I haven’t done many technical posts for some time but I have spent a great deal of time looking for a solution to using Wake on Lan (WOL) on an Acer laptop when the lid is closed. In my case it sits in an entertainment center and I have to pull it out and open the lid to wake it, but I want to be able to wake it up remotely with WOL.

benturrin460I found posts that said to use a registry hack with the ‘LidAlwaysOpen’ command and the ACPI lid fix, neither of these did what I wanted, WOL would not work when the lid was closed. No power settings or bios changes fixed the problem.

I knew from searching that the sensor for the lid position on the Acer laptops is magnetic so after more than a year without a fix I got brave and started looking around inside the laptop, which incidentally is a 5552 but this should be the same for most Acers.

I gently, GENTLY pried the plastic back from the bottom of the screen, on the left side (when you are facing the screen) and found a small bubble of masking tape. I picked at the tape with a paper clip and uncovered a rectangular magnet, which I easily removed with a small pair of computer pliers.

Fixed, it works like a charm, the computer no longer knows when the lid is closed and WOL works like a charm. The screen snapped together again easily, it is a super easy fix.

  1. Shut down the computer and remove the battery just to be safe!
  2. Pry the plastic away from the bottom left of the screen
  3. Locate the magnet (may be covered with tape) just to the right of the hinge
    1. If you are unsure it is the magnet, use a paperclip to see if it sticks, if it does, well that there is a magnet my friend.
  4. Remove the magnet, being careful not to scratch the screen or plastic bezel.
  5. Snap the bezel back in place and you are good to go.

If you are careful and keep the magnet you will be able to reverse this very easily.