Oct 132015

Formed in 2008, MonkeyJunk is the Ottawa-based trio of Tony D, Steve Marriner, and Matt Sobb. Canada may not be the first place you think of when looking for blues based, hard rocking bands but MonkeyJunk delivers in spades. Their new album, Moon-Turn-Red-Cover-ScanMoon Turn Red, is a hard hitting, swampy bluesfest that is an equal mix of catchy hooks and Black Keys style riffs.

Right out of the gate, ‘Light It Up’ hits you in the chest with a fuzz,buzz guitar sound in a chugging, punk blues style rocker. The slinky, funky feel of ‘Show Me Yours’ retains an edge befitting its title.  The album slips in and out of styles without losing coherence and never leaving you in doubt that you are listening to MonkeyJunk.

If you enjoy a true power ballad, ‘Learn How To Love’ has a driving, heartbroken feel that is punctuated with a screaming harp solo, that makes it hard to walk away from. My favorite song on the album is ‘Lucky One’, a rowdy rocker that feels rooted in everything important in rock and blues. Mainly a hot woman just out of reach, that will burn your life to the ground if you ever become the lucky one.
In a musical landscape full of garage blues and imitation, MonkeyJunk finds their way clear, by combining lively grooves, with hearty grit they dug up far south of their homeland. MonkeyJunk’s, Moon Turn Red,  can make a long drive seem a little shorter, a hard day a little easier and being home a little sweeter. Pick your copy up today and crank it up, way up.


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