Oct 232015

When most people think of the blues, they envision a man sitting on an old porch, guitar in hand. I see a woman calling in the field, to the rhythm of the work. Her voice clear across the acres of crops. From ‘Ma’ Rainey to Sophie Tucker, I have always thought the women felt the blues, lived the blues and loved the blues, just a bit more.

Karen Lovely is a rare bird with a voice and heart born to the blues. Her new album, Ten Miles of Bad Road,badroad200 is a collection of blues rock magic that feels especially fresh considering its roots in the past. Across the entire album, Karen’s vocals sound effortless, making this album infinitely listenable.

Ten Miles of Bad Road opens with the guitar fueled ‘Low Road’ and ‘Company Grave Yard’, a pair of rockin’ blues tunes that showcase Karen’s vocal power. Even when she brings it down, in songs like ‘I Want to Love You’ or the bouncy, ’You Stole my Heart’, you can feel the force just waiting to be unleashed.

Ten Miles of Bad Road manages to maintain a perfect flow, from hard hitting to playful. It can sit beside you all week, turned down low and then help you celebrate your Friday release at full volume. Karen Lovely has a future in the blues, her talents will continue to grow, her personal translation of the blues will become more defined over time. This album deserves your attention, this is your chance to let everyone know that you discovered Karen Lovely before she became a star.

Grab your copy at http://music.karenlovely.com/

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