Feb 242009

Genesis (1970-1975)  is a dream come true for any early Genesis or Peter Gabriel fan. The early works of Genesis, with Peter Gabriel at the helm showcases the artistic vision and showman ship Gabriel brought to every show, every song, and just about everything in his life.

Gabriel put on exotic costumes and brought shows to a standstill with 30 minute poetry readings or political rants. This made him a little hard to swallow, especially for his band mates, it eventually broke the band apart and ushered Phil Collins to the front of the stage from behind his drum kit.

This is where I left Genesis behind, no longer relevant in my  mind as they began to pump out pop candy like an 80s hit machine, a bad one, at least in my opinion. The early years hinted strongly at the creative powers of Gabriel, the showmanship, and the production mastery that became focused during the 80s and downright masterful in the 90s and beyond.

This 7-CD, 6-DVD box set sounds wonderful. The surround mixes are aggressive, letting Gabriel’s artistic vision flow around the room, recreating the energy and feel of the music. The surround mixes are hit and miss, you will find favorites throughout. The CD versions are solid and well mastered, placing the listener at the front of the band.

If you are a fan of early Genesis and Peter Gabriel, this is a no brainer purchase. Order your copy today and let the music pull you back in time, to the birth of a master, a true artist who is finding his legs in these recordings.

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