Sep 112015


With a name like Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges, people will make assumptions about a man and I was happy to have mine met in every way. Hang On A Little Bit Longer is Eugene’s new album and it has a New Orleans juke, jive, horn funk feel that works perfectly with his vocals. This album is fun from beginning to end and from drums to trumpet, nobody misses a step. This band is tight and moving in step towards the same goal.

51-bCP+F+FL._AA160_Hang On A Little Bit Longer feels as familiar as your favorite pair of jeans while managing to bring something fresh to your ears. The album’s title track is the happiest plea in history. In fact I can’t exaggerate just how happy and fun this album is and it is in large part because Eugene sells himself as a man who loves who he is, where he is and knows exactly what he wants to tell you. It isn’t too difficult to imagine that a horn section followed him around since childhood, providing a soundtrack to his life.
Hang On A Little Bit Longer doesn’t explore any new territory, it doesn’t try to be something it isn’t and it is the things it isn’t that make it so good at what it is, an optimistic celebration of the best things in life. You owe it to yourself to kick back and let Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Brooks remind you that it is the simple pleasures that matter most. I highly recommend you relax and listen to this one with a sazerac and cigar.


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