Aug 072014

August 30 will be the last day to make a pledge or donation that will get your name on the List of Donors in the Blues Hall of Fame.   If you are planning to give, now is the time since the names are to set to be “in stone” by September 1.

butt-baf-donateIf you have been thinking about having your name on the Donor Wall, now is the time to make your donation of $1000 or more. If you are already on the list, but want to increase your font size, now is the time to increase your donation.

A donation of $1000 or more will secure the addition of your name to the Donor Wall.

And the amount of the donation will determine the size and location of your name.

The current list of donors can be found at

These are the names that will go on our Donors Wall on the first floor of the Blues Hall of Fame.

Take a look at the list and determine what level works for you.  Where do you want to see your name, in whose company?

At this point, donations can be increased by paying over 3 years—2014, 2015 and 2016.

You can donate online at  or call me to discuss further.

Lets add your name to the Donor Wall!!

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