The Monophonics - It's Only Us

The Monophonics - It's Only Us

2020, Mar 16    
It’s Only Us is a showcase of real musicians playing real instruments

The Monophonics have captivated me since I first heard their psychedelic funk masterpiece, In Your Brain all the way back in 2012. This new album, It’s only Us, carries on the dance your ass of tradition with hard hitting numbers like “Chances” and “Run For Your Life” but manages to sprinkle in a few more slow grinders.

It’s Only Us is a showcase of real musicians playing real instruments, a huge break from todays cookie cutter pop sludge. The Monophonics and lead singer Kelly Finnigan release under the Colemine label these days and the meticulous recording and mixing is another feather in Terry Cole and companies hat. From the high-quality gatefold to purple marble vinyl, Colemine puts out awesome music on the best pressings and overall package. The first track, “Chances” comes at you head on with an up tempo, undeniable beat. The funky guitar and Finnigan’s made for soul vocals pull you into the rest of the album. Every track on the album is a dance party invitation with “Last One Standing” and “Tunnel Vision” being particularly booty shakable.

Overall, this is The Monophonics most complete album to date. They stay true to their San Francisco, psychedelic soul funk sound with more polish and musical poise than past efforts. You can listen to any Monophonics album and walk away smiling but It’s Only Us feels closer to the vision these amazing musicians move towards with each new song.

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