Changes In Music

Changes In Music

2013, Sep 26    
This is about how quickly the modern music scene is changing for true enthusiasts

I have seen changes in how I listen to and find new music over the last few years. For some time I was heavily involved in, which provided not only and endless stream of new tunes but intelligent conversations about the music. Changes forced by the relentless pressure from the RIAA and financial concerns made playing new music on TT so difficult that many just gave up. I have news for you RIAA; I probably purchased several thousand dollars of music that I never would have known about if not for TT.

This isn’t about the RIAA or TT even, this is about how quickly the modern music scene is changing for true enthusiasts. It is important to me that musicians are paid for their work, be it live or recorded. I buy a LOT of music and my wife and I are the ones willing to pony up big for better seats and a grander experience. If you have never ponied up for VIP tickets to a festival or front row seats to your favorite band you have no idea what you are missing, you will remember it for the rest of your life.

One of the big things that changed for me in the last few years was a diagnosis of tinnitus, in my case a constant and ever changing series of tones ranging from mild to bull horn blasts. The only haven I have is music and it is on almost all the time now. If this sounds like heaven to you, you are mistaken. I wear headphones most of the day now to keep from bothering those around me, including my wife when I am at home. It gets old much faster than I expected.

I usually rotate the type of media I listen to through the day and because I am carrying it with me most of the time these days, I listen to FLAC files streamed at home and anywhere I can get a data connection on my phone when I am out. I